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Daily Pennsylvanian: Wharton VIP entrepreneur sells company

November 24, 2008

A feature story highlights Wharton Venture Initiation Program entrepreneur Boris Silver and the acquisition of his company, Sports Interactiva.


Business Week: Asst Prof. Gary Dushnitsky on business partnerships

November 21, 2008

Asst Prof. Gary Dushnitsky is featured in Business Week discussing how and when to formalize a business partnership.  MORE (more…)

NPR: Alumnus Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors featured

November 19, 2008

Wharton 1994 undergrad alumnus Elon Musk, co-founder of, is featured in “Electric Car Manufacturer Hopes To Generate Sales.”

“Get it Started”, Nov. 2008: Women entrepreneurs; WEP faculty members Ian MacMillan and Alex van Putten on “Opportunities for Growth”

November 17, 2008

Some of this month’s stories include: “A Startup of One’s Own: Wharton women follow global trend, pursue entrepreneurship” and “”Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, and Move on to the Real Winners: WEP faculty members Ian MacMillan and Alex van Putten advise innovators to move beyond “Go/No Go” binary thinking.   

VIP Alumni Co. Pixily Announces Quick Start Offer

November 14, 2008

Waltham, MA (November 11, 2008) – Pixily (, an interactive document management service for consumers and small businesses, today announced a new quick start offer for individuals interested in putting Pixily’s digital organization assistant

to work in their life.  This special offer, available until December 31st, is designed specifically for individuals who need to clear out the backlog of paper clutter in their homes and offices. MORE


Wall St. Journal: Wharton, 10,000 Women program gives “Women Entrepreneurs…Helping Hand “

November 7, 2008

A feature article explains the progress of the Goldman Sachs-business school collaboration aimed at providing entrepreneurial knowledge to women in developing countriesMORE

Entrepreneur: Marketing Prof Jagmohan Raju on customer pricing

November 1, 2008

Marketing Prof Jagmohan Raju explains how small businesses can avoid crossing a “psychological threshold” when adjusting customer pricing (also published by (more…)