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BusinessWeek: Elon Musk’s Tesla to Sell Shares at $14 to $16 in IPO

June 15, 2010

Elon Musk, Wharton alumnus, is CEO of Tesla, the electric-car maker which will be selling shares at $14 to $16 in IPO. MORE

Microsoft Bizspark: Wharton Student and Entrepreneur Profiled

June 9, 2010

Current Wharton student and CEO of DormNoise, Jay Rodrigues is profiled on his life as an entrereneur and a college student. MORE

Entrepreneur: VIP Company a “Brilliant Idea” and “Company to Watch”

June 7, 2010

Entrepreneur has named VIP company Warby Parker as one of “Entrepreneur’s Annual 100 Brilliant Ideas” and highlighted it in its “Value” section. MORE

Washington Post: Wharton Alum Launches First Private Rocket

June 5, 2010

Wharton alumnus Elon Musk sucessfully launched the SpaceX Falcon 9 private rocket, the first of a new generation that could make common space travel possible. MORE

NYT: Google Aquires Companies Founded by Wharton Alumni

June 3, 2010

Google’s recent acquisitions, Invite Media, a buying platform for online display advertising,  and AdMob, a platform for mobile advertising, were both started by students at Wharton. MORE

Reuters: VIP Company Featured

June 2, 2010

VIP company Innova Materials, co-founded by Wharton graduate Alexander Mittal, is featured for its recent success in raising $5.5 million to fightbacteria with patented bacteria-resistant materials. MORE

San Franscico Chronicle: Wharton Alum Featured for Selling Company to Google

June 2, 2010

Wharton’s Nathaniel Turner, “The 25-Year-Old Who Just Sold A $70 Million Company To Google,” is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. MORE