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Wall Street Journal: “Next Big Thing” – Top 50 Start-Ups

September 27, 2012

Cloud computing start-up Appirio, co-founded by Narinder Singh WG’04, named one of the Top 50 Start-Ups by The Wall Street Journal. READ

Dorm Room Fund – Investment fund for Philadelphia student-run start-ups

September 27, 2012

Josh Kopelman W’93 of First Round Capital announces the Dorm Room Fund – a $500K fund for Philly student entrepreneurs run by students. His announcement was featured in Business Insider, Technically Philly, Fortune, Pando Daily,, The Wall Street Journal

Venture Beat: Inside the largest student-run hackathon

September 27, 2012

Venture Beat covers the growth of PennApps, the University of Pennsylvania student-run hackathon that has grown from 40 participants in Fall 2010 to 320 participants (from 29 schools) 2 years later. MORE

New York Times: Quirky Eyewear Brand Tries TV as an Ad Medium

September 27, 2012

Warby Parker (co-founded by Neil Blumenthal WG’10, Dave Gilboa WG’10, Andrew Hunt WG’10 & Jeff Raider WG’10) creates its very first television commercial. READ the New York Times article and  WATCH the commercial.

NBC Latino: Latino Startup Founders Strut Their Stuff

September 27, 2012
‎NBC Latino highlights the participation of Pledge4Good (co-founded by Lenny Fishman WG’12 & Vik Bellapravalu WG’12) & Location Apparel (founded by Mauricio Zuniga WG’13) at the Latino2 Tech Conference MORE

Tech Crunch: Now In 600+ Schools And Open To Any Student, Lore Gives Higher Ed A Next-Gen Social Network

September 6, 2012

With social networking having permeated the way we look for jobs, share photos and music, and discover news,Lore is on a mission to do the same for higher education, and potentially re-shape the way teachers and students communicate. MORE

Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards

September 6, 2012

Elon Musk (C’97/W’97) Wins 2012 PM Breakthrough Leadership Award MORE

Philadelphia Tribune: City’s Capital Gain

September 6, 2012

Mayor sees ‘game-changer’ as major investment firm (First Round Capital) moves to Philadelphia. MORE

NPR’s All Things Considered: When A Kickstarter Campaign Fails, Does Anyone Get The Money Back?

September 5, 2012

Professor Ethan Mollick talks about what happens when a Kickstarter campaign doesn’t go as planned. MORE

Forbes: Brazil’s Dot-Com Gold Rush

September 5, 2012

Davis Smith (G’11/WG’11) & partner Kimball Thomas are taking Brazil by storm with, selling 1 million diapers within six months of launch and raising over $22.5 million. MORE

SF Gate: After Making Millions, Two 20-Somethings Have Founded A Startup To Help Fight Cancer

September 5, 2012

“Flatiron Health is either going to be a great success or a horrible failure,” says Turner. “Hopefully we’ll do well by doing good.” MORE

Economic Times: Indian American businessmen from Valiant Comics taking on Batman & Spiderman

September 5, 2012

It all started when he and a friend acquired the rights to Valiant’s characters while still undergrads. Read more about how Jason Kothari (W’07) is building the next great contender in the comic book industry. MORE

Huffington Post: Top 10 Colleges for Budding Entrepreneurs

September 4, 2012

Students tell Unigo that Penn & Wharton are #2 on their list of Top 10 Schools for Aspiring Entrepreneurs! MORE