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Wall Street Journal: From Chance Encounter, Path to Twitter Riches

October 30, 2013
A financial bromance involving billions: The story of how Suhail Rizvi W’88, co-founder, chairman, and CIO of Rizvi Traverse Management, scored a 15.6% stake in Twitter. MORE

Philadelphia Magazine: Meet the Philly Start-Ups Leading the Entrepreneurship Era

October 30, 2013
Philadelphia Magazine lists the 20 startups that, as they put it, are “leading the push into the entrepreneurship era.”

Of those 20, I count 5 with a connection to Wharton Entrepreneurship: Curalate (founded by Apu Gupta WG’05), RJMetrics (co-founded by Jake Stein W’06), SpeSo (co-founded by Rajiv Mahale WG’13 and Jonathan McEuen PhD’09/WG’13), ChargeItSpot (founded by Doug Baldasare WG’12), and Real Food Works (founded by Lucinda Duncalfe C’85/WG’91).

Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know in the comments! MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: Why Hire an MBA When You Can Rent One?

October 30, 2013
Business Week looks at the freelance MBA market and talks to Skillbridge, founded by Raj Jeyakumar WG’13 and Brett Lewis WG’13.

Did you know that two-thirds of the 300 freelancers listed on Skillbridge have an advanced degree? MORE

Technically Philly: Real Food Works gets $200k in first StartupPHL investment

October 30, 2013
Last year, we learned that StartupPHL has $6M to give to tech companies starting and growing in Philly–half of which comes from Josh Kopelman (W’93)’s First Round Capital.

Now we know that $200K of that is going to Real Food Works, founded by Lucinda Duncalf (C’85/WG’91), which is aiming to improve people’s health by helping themto eat a real food diet.

Good food, good business. Love it. MORE

New York Times: Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker on a Culture of Communication

October 30, 2013
Terrific interview with Neil Blumenthal (WG’10, co-founder, Warby Parker) in the New York Times!

My favorite quote, from Neil reminiscing about the monthly meetings he and his co-founders had during the early days, back at the bar where the idea for WP was born: “And when you shoot me a 10-page e-mail at 2 in the morning, I want to punch you in the face.” Yes.

Neil, seriously, how do you get such good press? Inquiring entrepreneurs want to know. MORE

Esquire: The Esquire Grooming Awards 2013

October 30, 2013
The Esquire Grooming AWards are out, and Harry’s (founded by Jeff Raider WG’10) gets Best Shaving Cream! MORE

Economic Times: Snapdeal eyes $200 million fresh funding

October 30, 2013
Snapdeal, India’s online marketplace, founced by Kunal Bahl ENG’06/W’06, may score another $200 million in funding: MORE

New York Post: Ex-Daily Beast chief lands gig at digital magazine

October 30, 2013
WhoSay, co-founded by Hollywood talent agency CAA and Steve Ellis, W’92, has launched its website and free Apple app — and now hired the former president of the Daily Beast. Sounds like the team for the magazine “By celebrities. For you.” is coming together nicely. MORE

PitchBook: Top Universities Producing VC-backed Entrepreneurs

October 30, 2013
Pitchbook ranked colleges based on the number of alumni who founded companies that received first round VC funding 2010-13.

Penn comes in at #3, with 131 such companies. Aw, yeah. MORE

Forbes: Revolutionary Retail: Test-Driving Warby Parker And Dollar Shave Club

October 30, 2013
Forbes contributor Tim Mauer takes two industry-disrupting products for a spin: Warby Parker glasses and Dollar Shave club razors, and ends up satisfied with the savings and the products from both.

My only question: when will he give Harry’s, another shaving industry-disruptor, founded by WP co-founder Jeff Raider WG’10, a try? MORE

Business Because: Harvard MBA Cuts McKinsey For Entrepreneurial Dream

October 30, 2013
Norwegian Fredrik Maro C’06/W’06 followed his dreams, and they took him to college at Wharton, a job in finance, and an MBA at that school in Cambridge. Connections helped him on his way, and with his startup, Evisors, he wants to connect more smart kids land great jobs. MORE

Inc.: Study: Going Public Zaps a Start-up’s Innovation

October 30, 2013
That long-awaited IPO could stifle your innovation.

So says Wharton prof David Hsu. Read on for what to do about it. MORE

Newsweek: Bad Samaritans

October 30, 2013
Wharton prof Ethan Mollick explains why crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are not, in fact, hotbeds for fraud: “If a project is potentially fraudulent, somebody with the expertise eventually notices it and starts a discussion.” MORE

Business Times: Linked to success

October 30, 2013
Jeff Weiner, the recipient, yesterday, of the inaugural Wharton Entrepreneurship Alumni Achievement Award, tells The Business Times:

“Our mission statement says that our goal is to connect these 600 million knowledge workers via LinkedIn and we are in a pretty good trajectory to realise this.”

Yes, that’s all the entire global workforce. We like a guy with vision. MORE

Venture Beat: These five startups are transforming New York City’s real estate industry

October 30, 2013
Daniel Miller and his real estate crowdfunding company Fundrise are getting some great press this week!

VentureBeat calls them one of five startups that are transforming NYC’s real estate industry: MORE

Philadelphia Inquirer: Crowdfunding backing Manayunk retail, office project

October 30, 2013
With the help of Daniel Miller’s (W’09/WG’10) real estate crowdfunding platform Fundrise, Manayunk may get to turn an empty building into a co-working space.

Wharton profs Sam Chandan and Ethan Mollick weigh in. MORE

Huffington Post: A New Perspective on Entrepreneurship

October 30, 2013
High school student Garrison Xian interviewed Wharton prof Patrick Fitzgerald about entrepreneurship.

ChargeItSpot, founded by Doug Baldasare (WG’12) gets a shout out. MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: Why Some MBAs May Not Be Cut Out for Startups

October 30, 2013
Bloomberg BusinessWeek considers the characteristics that make some MBAs perfect for startups… and others not so much.

Wharton’s cited as an example of a place where entrepreneurship is flourishing. MORE

PandoDaily: How ElectNext found its native ad groove

October 30, 2013
A pivot for ElectNext (founded by Keya Dannenbaum WG’12 & Paul Jungwirth PhD’18) to native ads. MORE

New York Times: Jeff Fluhr of Spreecast, on Finding Employees Who Fit

October 30, 2013
Jeff Fluhr ENG’96/W’96 gives a great interview to the New York Times.

Interesting ideas on finding the the right person for the job… MORE

Soapbox Cincinnati: Andy Fortson, Co-Ed Supply

October 30, 2013
Co-Ed supply, co-founded by Marissa Hu WG’14 and Andy Fortson, offers “curated college essentials,” via care package. Check out this interview with Andy to learn more: MORE

Business Insider: The 15 Best Startups To Work For In America

October 30, 2013
Wharton prof Peter Cappelli helped choose Turnstone’s 15 best startups to work for. See what they are–and what makes them so great to work for, here: MORE

Forbes: Are You Too Old For A Mentor?

October 30, 2013
John Greathouse WG’89 blogs for Forbes about the importance of having a mentor. At 51, he says he’s still not too old to need one, himself. MORE

British Airways Business Life: On the up: ten dons to watch

October 30, 2013
Congrats to Ethan Mollick! British Airways Business Life lists him on their ten professors who “have the future of business in their hands.” MORE

Philadelphia Business Journal: A quicker way to make doctor appointments

October 30, 2013
Main Line Heath has started using ZocDoc, founded by Cyrus Massoumi WG’98, to let patients make appointments with their primary care doctors.

ZocDoc has raised $95M since it was founded in 2007, and it’s used by an estimated 2.5 million patients monthly. MORE