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Mashable: 15 Colleges With Powerhouse Entrepreneurship Programs

April 18, 2014

Who are these 15 “Powerhouse Entrepreneurship Programs”? Oh, there’s a familiar name. Read MORE

US News: Rankings and Reviews, Business Programs

March 11, 2014
US News rankings are out! Wharton moves up to a tie for #1 as best business school, and for entrepreneurship we place #6. Hold your heads high, alumni. MORE

Seeing Both Sides: Unicorns and MBAs

December 12, 2013
What’s that? Some new stats about unicorns, those gorgeous companies, ten years old or younger, worth more than $1 B? Oh, it seems that 33% of unicorns have at least one founder with an MBA. And 82% have at least one founding member or current exec with an MBA. And of those with MBAs on the team, a full 10% of them went to Wharton.

Those are some nice stats about pretty, pretty unicorns. MORE

PitchBook: Top Universities Producing VC-backed Entrepreneurs

October 30, 2013
Pitchbook ranked colleges based on the number of alumni who founded companies that received first round VC funding 2010-13.

Penn comes in at #3, with 131 such companies. Aw, yeah. MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: Why Some MBAs May Not Be Cut Out for Startups

October 30, 2013
Bloomberg BusinessWeek considers the characteristics that make some MBAs perfect for startups… and others not so much.

Wharton’s cited as an example of a place where entrepreneurship is flourishing. MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: More Wharton MBAs Are Opting for Startups

August 16, 2013

Three times as many Wharton MBAs are starting their own businesses at graduation, compared to five years ago. We can that a leap in the right direction. MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: More Wharton MBAs Are Opting for Startups

June 28, 2013

“The percentage of Wharton MBAs starting their own businesses at graduation has nearly tripled in five years, and the number of students working summer internships with startups is up nearly 15 percent since last year, the school says.” MORE

Poets & Quants: Wharton Hits Record High in Startup MBAs

June 28, 2013

Maria Halpern, Director of Student Engagement and Career Advisor for students interested in Entrepreneurship/Startups at Wharton MBA Career Management, comments on the growing trend of Wharton entrepreneurs. MORE

GOOD: The Grave Mistake Many Social Entrepreneurs Make, and How to Avoid It

June 28, 2013

If you want to found or fund a social enterprise, Wharton’s Professor Ian MacMillan and Jim Thompson suggest 4 critical questions you must ask. MORE

Region’s Business: Penn Inspires Creative Thinking Through Business Competitions

May 20, 2013

Region’s Business – Philadelphia highlights Wharton Entrepreneurship programs for “inspiring creative thinking”. MORE

Your Story: “eCommerce Is Only For Long Term Players,” Wharton Professor, Kartik Hosanagar

May 14, 2013

Professor Kartik Hosanagar gives his thoughts on ecommerce in India. MORE

Coverage of 2013 Wharton Business Plan Competition Perlman Grand Prize winner Zenkars

April 29, 2013

Zenkars, founded by Jim Chabas (WG’13) and Venkat Jonnala (WG’13), is an online retailer of used cars. For the consumer, Zenkars sells the best-priced used cars online with a peaceful buying experience.  The company removes middlemen and gets cars directly from commercial sellers – bypassing auto auctions, wholesalers and dealers. For the corporate seller, Zenkars offers the first direct to consumer remarketing channel.

Zenkars is the winner of the 2013 Wharton Business Plan Competition Perlman Grand Prize. The WBPC Venture Finals event and Zenkars’ win has been featured in India West, the New York Times You’re the Boss blog, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Times of India, Knowledge@Wharton, Penn News, Silicon India, Technically Philly and ClearAdmit.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: MBAs Forgo Summer Internships for Startup Work

April 22, 2013

The Wharton School supports students choosing to intern at start-ups and build their own businesses over the summer. MORE

WSJ The Accelerators: Neil Blumenthal: Three Rules for Pricing

April 10, 2013

“Pricing is the hidden challenge of entrepreneurship. It’s a topic that no one talks about, even though (or perhaps because) it involves difficult decisions that hugely impact the success of your business.” MORE

Financial Times: Entrepreneurs see pet project develop into a thriving venture

March 26, 2013

Chris and Natasha Ashton (both WG’03) have built a thriving pet insurance business (PetPlan) with support from a number of Wharton resources, faculty and alums. MORE

Daily Pennsylvanian: Wharton grads start online investment firm

March 12, 2013

FundersClub’s founders, Alex Mittal (ENG’07/W’07) & Boris Silver (W’10), and early employee Felicia Curcuru (W’07), “first met during their undergraduate days at Penn, when they were both pursuing degrees in the Wharton School and developing their interests in entrepreneurship.” MORE

Wharton Magazine: Watch List – Startups

February 8, 2013

Wharton Magazine shares their list of alumni start-ups to watch – MORE

Daily Pennsylvanian: Wharton grad contribute $1.65 million for business competition prize

February 6, 2013

Ellen and Richard Perlman (W’68) will fund the grand prize, now named Perlman Prize – MORE

Wharton Magazine: Startup Enterprise: The Next Generation

February 4, 2013

“‎Wharton Magazine profiles some amazing Wharton-founded startups, including CommonBond Co, PoverUP, CarHound, Prajwalbharat (Lightup India), & Curalate – MORE

Wharton Journal: Perspectives on Leadership: David Klein

February 4, 2013

Venture Initiation Program alum David Klein (WG‘13), founder of CommonBond Co, talks “about his unique leadership experiences, filled with courage in discovering his own path and following his intuitions.” MORE

New York Times: Revolution Hits the Universities

January 30, 2013

Weekend column in The New York Times by Tom Friedman recognizes Wharton as the place to get an entrepreneurship education. MORE

Poets and Quants: Another Low-Cost MBA Loan Option

January 9, 2013

Wharton alum David Klein, co-founder of CommonBond Co, gives a great shout-out to our educational business incubator, the Venture Initiation Program: “When you are selected, there is instant credibility because the venture committee is very much part of the startup scene on campus.” MORE

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Wharton graduates’ startups take off despite the odds

November 26, 2012

Wharton Entrepreneurship Senior Associate Director Clare Leinweber, with ZocDoc founder Cyrus Massoumi W’98 and SocialQ founder Troy Woolley WG’10, discuss what it takes to build a successful startup. MORE Startup suggestions from Wharton Center leader

November 21, 2012

Director Therese Flaherty talks about the work of the Wharton Small Business Development Center. MORE

Business Insider: Student Life at Wharton Business School

November 7, 2012

Venture Initiation Program member Jonathan McEuen WG’13 shows Business Insider how he balances academic life with being the co-founder of AccessMD. MORE