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Fast Company: Warby Parker’s New Store Delivers Your Glasses Via Pneumatic Tube

March 31, 2014

Totally out of new ideas, Warby Parker installs pneumatic tubes. No, wait, that’s completely brilliant in a charmingly twee, surprisingly useful fashion. MORE


Business Insider: You Can Explain eBay’s $50 Billion Turnaround With Just This One Crazy Story

February 19, 2014
Assemble a team of six of the smartest people you know. Fly to Australia on a whim. Book a penthouse via AirBnB. In just 2 weeks, transform the eBay homepage and save the company.

This is the business version of an action movie–and it really happened. Read this awesome article about how Wharton alumnus Jack Abraham used his entrepreneurial smarts to make eBay great again. Because what big companies need, as it turns out, are entrepreneurs.

Shout outs to Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni Nat Turner and Zack Weinberg, too! MORE