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BusinessWeek: Alumni Company First Round Capital Featured

May 26, 2009

Alumni venture capital firm First Round Capital was featured in a BusinessWeek article discussing “super angels” and seed-stage investing and is described as having become the country’s most active seed-stage investor. MORE

Advertisements Wharton Lecturer on Recession-proof Industries

May 11, 2009

An article discussing recession-proof industries featured quotes from management consultant and Wharton entrepreneurship lecturer Lawrence Gelburd. MORE

ADVANCE: WBPC Winner Featured

May 11, 2009

NIR Diagnostics, one of five health care/medical semi-finalists featured, is said to have strong health care pull. MORE

Philadelphia Business Journal: WBPC Winning Team NIR Diagnostics Interviewed

May 4, 2009

Philadelphia Business Journal tech blog covered the Venture Finals winner in a brief mention followed by a broader story with interviews of grand prize winning team NIR Diagnostics.  The article notes that NIR is not only a cross-campus but a multi-campus collaboration, stating the team “…is a good example of what bright, young entrepreneurs can reap from the area’s universities and the technology they develop. “ MORE MORE

Daily Pennsylvanian: NIR Diagnostics wins Wharton Business Plan Competition

May 4, 2009

NIR Diagnostics, winner of the Wharton Business Plan Competition Michelson grand prize, discusses the development of their device InfraVue. MORE

TechnicallyPhilly: NIR Diagnostics Wins the Wharton Business Plan Competition

May 1, 2009

NIR Diagnostics, one of eight competing groups during the Venture Finals of the Wharton Business Plan Competition, came away with the Grand Prize and the People’s Choice Award as TechnicallyPhilly gives a play-by-play account. MORE