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The Economic Times (India): Ecommerce marketplace: Flipkart, Amazon, eBay use digital literacy as a bait to draw in more sellers

May 8, 2014

Clever, clever: Snapdeal (founded by Kunal Bahl W’06) is promoting digital literacy as a way to draw in more sellers to the “booming ecommerce marketplace.” Read more HERE.


Daily Pennsylvanian: App encourages positivity on campus

April 18, 2014

More than 600 Penn students are already using this new app, created by Wharton senior Edward Lando and Engineering freshman Yagil Burowsky, to compliment each other: Read MORE

NPR’s Marketplace: Shop and charge: stores offer cellphone charging

April 3, 2014

NPR’s Marketplace looks at whether Wharton alum Doug Baldasare’s ChargeItSpot actually translates to more sales for brick-and-mortar shops. MORE

Technically Philly: ChargeItSpot to offer charging stations in 20 Urban Outfitters stores

March 11, 2014
Wharton grad Doug Baldasare’s ChargeItSpot is gong into 20 Urban Outfitters in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, and 5 Sports Authorities later this month. Now you know where to go to charge your phone while shopping. MORE

TechCrunch: Blend Lands $2.7M in Seed Funding Led by NEA

March 7, 2014
Social networking with the brands built in: Blend (co-founded by Wharton alum Matt Geiger and current student Evan Rosenbaum) pays college students Blend Currency for the best photos on the theme of the day. That currency is good for rewards from advertisers. Nice model.
That must be why they just landed $2.7 in seed funding. MORE

Forbes: Elon Musk’s 500,000 Unit Battery Plant – Myth or Reality?

March 5, 2014
Elon Musk C’97/W’97 is investing $2 billion in car batteries — with a goal of producing 500,000 annually by 2020.
Forbes asks: do the numbers add up? MORE

CNBC: An app that pleases advertisers and consumers

March 5, 2014
“It may only be a few weeks old, but it could have the potential to transform how mobile advertising works.”
That’s what CNBC has to say about Slidejoy, founded by Robert Seo WG’12, a new app that pays you to put ads on your phone’s lock screen. MORE

WHYY Newsworks: What’s next for workplace wellness?

March 5, 2014
WHYY’s NewsWorks looks at workplace wellness, and takes serious note of LifeVest Health (founded by Jon Cooper C’03/WG’09), ‘A stock exchange for your health’, which provides direct financial incentives for employees to live healthier. MORE

Fox: Smartphone Apps That Make You Money?

March 5, 2014
WATCH: Fox 29 checks out some smartphone apps that can make you money — such as Slidejoy, founded by Robert SEo WG’12. MORE

VentureBeat: Why India’s answer to Alibaba & eBay is the tech IPO to watch

February 19, 2014
VentureBeat shows a lot of love to “India’s answer to Alibaba & eBay”: Snapdeal, founded by Kunal Bahl (M&T’06): MORE

Today Show: DigiPuppets among adorable new toys for kids

February 19, 2014
The Today Show visited a toy fair and discovered DigiPuppets (co-founded by Dan Clay WG’14 and Brendan Green C’07/WG’14)! Watch the segment here. MORE

Business Insider: You Can Explain eBay’s $50 Billion Turnaround With Just This One Crazy Story

February 19, 2014
Assemble a team of six of the smartest people you know. Fly to Australia on a whim. Book a penthouse via AirBnB. In just 2 weeks, transform the eBay homepage and save the company.

This is the business version of an action movie–and it really happened. Read this awesome article about how Wharton alumnus Jack Abraham used his entrepreneurial smarts to make eBay great again. Because what big companies need, as it turns out, are entrepreneurs.

Shout outs to Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni Nat Turner and Zack Weinberg, too! MORE

CNET: Want $10 off your mobile bill? Put ads on your lock screen

February 19, 2014
Slidejoy (co-founders/CEOs Robert Seo WG’12, Sanghoon Kwak WG’14, & Jaeho Chung WG’14) will put ads on your lock screen and pay you for the privilege. MORE Penn grads’ anti-drowsy headset ‘Vigo’ is technology’s answer to energy drinks

February 19, 2014
Doze-inducing Engineering lectures inspired 3 Penn grads–Drew Karabinos, Jason Gui, and Jonathan Kern–to develop an an anti-drowsy headset: ‘Vigo’. A successful Kickstarter campaign and a hardware incubator later, they’ve got a terrific product for not only tired students, but sleep-deptrived shift workers, long-haul truckers, and more: MORE

TechCrunch: Keen On… Slava Rubin: How Indiegogo Is Reinventing Capitalism

February 19, 2014
WATCH: Is Indiegogo blowing up capitalism?

Slava Rubin W’00, founder of the crowdfunding platform, talks to Tech Crunch about the future of funding and innovation, and answers the above question… Watch the video to see what he has to say.  MORE

Economist: Feathering its Nest

February 19, 2014
The internet’s been buzzing with the news that Google is buying Nest for the fabulous price of $3.2 billion.

What’s the Wharton connection? Rob Coneybeer, WG’96 and WE board member, is an investor, and Tom vonReichbauer W’04/WG’05 is the Nest CFO. Congrats guys! MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek: The next Infosys: Connecting buyers, sellers

February 19, 2014
In India, SnapDeal, co-founded by Kunal Bahl M&T’06, is a household name. Learn about this $500M e-commerce company and the men who founded it from Businessweek: MORE

Access Hollywood: Shark Tank – First Look

February 19, 2014
The first Shark Tank of 2014 features a pitch from CJ Isakow, WG’08 and VIP alum, for his company Eyebloc, which can protect you from prying eyes looking through your computer webcam.

Watch tonight! And check out the promo of his pitch here: MORE

Technically Philly: These 6 winning Penn mobile apps will be built by software companies

December 12, 2013
There were supposed to be only 5 winners of the AppItUP Challenge, but the ideas for mobile apps were too good. Of the nearly 200 mobile app ideas submitted by Penn students, 6 will be turned into actual prototypes by software development companies. MORE

LA Times: SpaceX reaches milestone in rocket launch from Cape Canaveral

December 12, 2013
Third time’s the charm for SpaceX (founded by amazing inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk C’97/W’97)! The Falcon 9 launched at last, lifting a 7,000 telecommunications satellite.

Who knows what they’ll put into space next! MORE

NPR: Businesses Woo Customers With Free Phone-Charging Stations

December 12, 2013
NPR picks up the story of ChargeItSpot, founded by Doug Baldasare WG’12 — the company that lets you charge your phone while you shop or dine. MORE

Metro: Shop and charge: Philly guy makes it possible

December 12, 2013
Is ChargeItSpot the next AC?

“Doug Baldasare sees his smartphone charging stations as the next air conditioner.

“When air conditioning first came out,” said the Wharton grad, ‘it wasn’t an understood thing that a retail store had to have it. But eventually, when all the stores had air conditioning, you couldn’t not have air.'”

Doug Baldasare WG’12 just can’t stop getting great press for ChargeItSpot! MORE

USA Today: SpaceX launch delayed until Thanksgiving

December 12, 2013
“Want to be super careful, so pushing launch to Thurs.,” said Elon Musk, C’97/W’97 and SpaceX founder and CEO. So alaos, the Falcon failed to fly yesterday. But keep an eye out on Thanksgiving for a rocket launch – the best possible addition to a turkey dinner, if you ask me. MORE

USA Today: SpaceX satellite launch is a potential game-changer

December 12, 2013
Three, two, one… liftoff!

That’s what SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk C’97/W’97, hopes to hear today at 5:37 pm, when their upgraded falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch.

Space just got exciting again… MORE

Technically Philly: Digipuppets: Wharton edtech startup uses hardware for youth engagement

December 12, 2013
Digipuppets, a VIP company co-founded by Brendan Green C’07/WG’14 and Dan Clay WG’14 gets a terrific write up in Philly. MORE