Archive for November, 2011 “Will Coursekit Launch Up-End Blackboard?”

November 30, 2011

Wharton Venture Initiation Program alumni & TechStars NYC company Coursekit seeks to be “the ultimate disruptor of academic course software Blackboard.” (11/29/2011) MORE


SF Gate: “Let’s allow crowd-funding to help entrepreneurs”

November 30, 2011

Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs Lecturer Patrick FitzGerald (C’97) believes “it’s time to open venture investing to the masses…[and] give the entrepreneurs the tool they need to innovate and create jobs.” (11/30/2011) MORE features Wharton/Penn alum founded company Wanderfly

November 29, 2011 “Wanderfly (co-founded by Penn & Wharton alums Christy Liu C’04, Evan Schneyer W’04, Cezary Pietrzak W’04) aims to streamline the ‘Where should I go?’ process.” MORE

Business Insider and Daily Pennsylvanian cover launch of VIP alumni company Coursekit

November 29, 2011

Public launch of Wharton Venture Initiation Program alumni company Coursekit (co-founded by Penn undergrads Jim Grandpre, Joseph Cohen and Dan Getelman) is covered by Business Insider and The Daily Pennsylvanian.

USA Today: Kunal Bahl (ENG’06/W’06) featured in ‘Foreign tech companies woo USA’s best, brightest’

November 29, 2011

USA Today: In “Foreign tech companies woo USA’s best, brightest” Kunal Bahl (ENG’06/W’06) talks about his recruiting visits to US universities. (11/16/2011)  MORE

AdvertisingAge features VIP alums Warby Parker

November 29, 2011

AdvertisingAge: Wharton Venture Initiation Program alumni company Warby Parker (co-founded by Jeff Raider WG’10, Neil Blumenthal WG’10, Andy Hunt WG’10 & Dave Gilboa GEN’10/WG’10) “Revolutionizes Eyewear Market” (11/29/2011) MORE profiles Venture Initiation Program alums Hydros Bottle

November 28, 2011

Wharton Venture Initiation Program alumni company Hydros (co-founded by Aakash Mathur W’09/C’09 and Jay Parekh Eng’09) featured on – great coverage of Hydros’ social mission. (11/28/2011) MORE

India Knowledge@Wharton features Stylitics – winners of the 2011 Wharton Business Plan Competition

November 23, 2011

India Knowledge@Wharton: According to Wharton OPIM professor Kartik Hosanagar, Stylitics (co-founded by Rohan Deuskar WG’11) “can help fashion brands get better visibility into their customers’ tastes and preferences [and] allow them to make better management decisions.” (11/17/2011) MORE

TechCrunch profiles Wharton Venture Initiation Program company ElectNext

November 22, 2011

TechCrunch: Wharton Venture Initiation Program company ElectNext, cofounded by Keya Dannenbaum and Paul Jungwirth, “takes the political quiz to the next level by actually matching up your beliefs with those from the actual candidates in the current election.” (11/7/2011) MORE features opening of Warby Parker’s new shop-in-shop in LA

November 22, 2011 Wharton alumni-founded company Warby Parker Eyewear hits LA “to celebrate their new shop-in-shop at L.A.’s Confederacy, the label’s first specs-on-the-ground presence on the left coast.”  On hand to help them celebrate were Ashton Kutcher, Emmy Rossum and Madeline Zima. (11/2/2011) MORE features Pledge4Good (a Wharton VIP company)

November 22, 2011 Wharton VIP company Pledge4Good, co-founded by Lennie Fishman (WG’12) & Vik Bellapravalu (WG’12), named one of 15 startups to watch. (11/14/2011) MORE features Wharton alum Jeff Henretig WG’09

November 22, 2011 In ‘How Millennials Can Survive And Thrive In The New Economy’, Wharton alum Jeff Henretig WG’09 says that “I learned more from starting up and operating Coup de Taco [a Wharton Venture Initiation Program alumni company] than I’ve learned doing anything professionally in my life.” (11/16/2011) MORE

FastCompany profiles General Assembly – co-founded by Wharton alum Jake Schwartz WG’08

November 22, 2011

FastCompany: General Assembly (cofounded by Jake Schwartz WG’08) profiled in Fast Company and includes mention of the August Founders’ Retreat: “Wharton School held a daylong entrepreneurship and technology boot camp there for 50 first-year students….” (11/22/2011) MORE

DC Magazine/ Modern Luxury features Wharton alum-founded company Reel Tributes

November 3, 2011

DC Magazine/ Modern Luxury: “Revolutionizing what once fell in the same arts-and-craftsy category as scrapbooking, David Adelman (WG’11) is redefining the lineage of oral histories one pixel at a time.” MORE

BostInnovation profiles Wharton alum-founded company OfficeDrop

November 3, 2011

BostInnovation: In “OfficeDrop Drops Bombs”, founder Prasad Thammineni WG’07 discusses how a shift in their original business model led to the company being “On Track for 9X Revenue Growth in 2011” MORE

Tech Crunch features venture cofounded by Wharton grad Christine Apold WG’11

November 3, 2011

Tech Crunch: “Quora As A Marketplace: Evisors [cofounded by Wharton grad Christine Apold WG’11] Raises Seed Round To Let Startups Find And Connect With Experts” MORE

WSJ Magazine names Elon Musk (C’97/W’97) Innovator of the Year in Technology

November 1, 2011

WSJ Magazine: SpaceX & Tesla Motors Founder Elon Musk (C’97/W’97) Named Innovator of he Year in Technology. MORE features Wharton alum Eddie De La Cruz (WG’11)

November 1, 2011

In “ A Latin American Remittance Revolution”, founder Eddie De La Cruz talks about how his business seeks to “be an economic bridge between nations that can uplift communities.” MORE